Wednesday, February 27, 2008

.oh yah baby.

Tonight I got Paige in the kitchen to help me fix dinner. She loves to help me cook and even has her own apron my mom made at Christmas. Tonight we grilled ribeye steaks and served them with a mushroom, onion and blue cheese topping. It is so good! I made this for my parents a few years back and my dad who is not a big blue cheese lover really liked it.

First you want to wipe clean some mushrooms and slice up.
Slice up some onion and pull apart the rings. Put on the baking sheet with the mushrooms. Cut up 1/2 cup of butter into small pieces and put all over the top.

Mmm.. blue cheese!

Sprinkle the blue cheese on top and then put a few shakes of Worchestershire sauce, salt and pepper, and dill weed. Put in a 400 degree oven and bake until onion and mushrooms are nice and tender, and blue cheese and butter have melted.
Behold the power of beef. These are ribeye steaks. Probably my most favorite cut EVER. I like to season mine with McCormick's Montreal Steak seasoning. Rub it on real good. You'll want steaks that have good marbling. That's fat of course, but when you're grilling these babies up, it will make the steak nice and juicy. You want to bring your steaks to almost room temperature before throwing them on the grill too. It helps the meat relax a little and will also help keep them juicy and tender.

Here's my proud helper! She is a chef in the making.

When grilling the steaks, you want to sear on high heat on both sides for about 3 minutes per side. Then lower the heat a little and cook to the stage you want. We like our steaks medium rare so they don't stay on very long once they've been seared. The firmer the center, the more cooked it is. Don't be tempted to cut into the meat to check for doneness. Just push the center.

Really spongy = raw
slightly spongy = medium rare to medium
firm but has some give = medium well to well
really firm with no bouncing back? = blasphemy! it's dead. :P

Let your steaks rest for a few minutes before cutting into. Top with the sauteed mushroom/onion/blue cheese bake. Serve with whatever you like steak with. Tonight we had baked potatoes and green beans. Enjoy!
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Marcia said...

Mmmm...that sounds delicious. Sadly, my DH hates mushrooms and bleu cheese. But man, my mouth was watering reading about it. :)

Darleen said...

okay, so when are you opening your own restaraunt??? your blog is making me hungry!!P.S. I had a great time with you and the girls the other day!! I hope that we can do it again!!

Anonymous said...

I am SO going to make this in the next couple of things. My two favorite things, mushrooms and onions, combined with DH's fave, blue cheese. How could that not be amazing?!