Saturday, February 16, 2008

.a sandwich not for sissies.

I love sandwiches.
I don't like wimpy ones.
I like 'em thick, and tasty!

And I like them with chips and an ice cold pop. YUM YUM!

This is what I call the combo club. It has just about everything on it but the kitchen sink. Want to know what I put? Come with me my friend.... ;)

Whole wheat bread - mayo - sliced red onion - avocado
(you can put mustard on this, but I can't stand the stuff so I leave it off.)

Sliced tomato - lettuce

2 slices American cheese - 2 slices Swiss cheese - 3 slices smoked turkey - 3 slices ham

The piece de resistance -- BACON!!!

Put the two sides together and you get a match made in heaven.


Anonymous said...

Now THAT is a sandwich!

Ariana Sullivan said...

All the food on your blog looks soooo good. I love thick sandwiches as well, and my new favorite thing ever is avocado on my sandwiches. Mmmm.