Friday, March 7, 2008

.69 days.

Girls. I have weight to lose.

So I'm going to be adding more healthy, nutritious recipes to my blog. I want to drop 20 lbs by my birthday (May 15). I think I can do it! 69 days. That's plenty of time. I lose weight best when I drop carbs and beef up my proteins. Not a horrible thing. This breakfast is perfect for low-carbing!

I had some egg whites in the fridge, leftover from when I made the coconut cream pie yesterday (oohhh heavenly good coconut cream pie) so I decided to make an all egg-white omelet this morning for breakfast.

In a bowl, put 4 egg whites. Add some salt and pepper. Whip with a mixer until soft peaks form.

In a pan, fry up one strip of bacon (cut up), some sliced mushrooms, and some chopped onion. When everything's cooked, remove from heat and set aside.

Heat a skillet to medium. Spray generously with PAM spray. Dump the egg whites in and use a rubber spatula to spread it all out to cover the entire bottom of the pan.

Run the rubber spatula along the inside edge and carefully flip it with a large pancake turner.

A minute after you flip it, put your bacon/mushroom/onions, and some grated cheese.

Fold the egg over. Turn the heat off and let the heat from the eggs melt the cheese.

Today I had my omelet with strawberries and fresh peaches. It. was. DELICIOUS!!


Collette Osuna said...

Suzanne!!!! This breakfast looks AWESOME!!!
I hear you on wanting to eat more healthy..I do too..Ill be checking your blog for new recipes:)

***Paola*** said...

That omelette looks delish! Maybe if I stalk your blog I'll be inspired to cook?! I'm so bad at it I need all the help I can get!

Little Hensley Fam said...

trust me now that I'm almost to the 6 weeks after having Wyatt, I'm seriously thinking I'm ready to start the exercise routine and eating much better! Hope you're doing well! I miss you girl!

Anonymous said...

Can I come live with you? Just checked out your blog from NSBR board. Definately in my favs! Good luck with the weigh loss.


Darleen said...

looks great Suzanne!! I hear ya on the weight thing.........its hard work.....good luck.

Anonymous said...

I heard about your blog on the NSBR and am so glad I found it. I have a new recipe I love - your Huli Huli chicken - so can't wait to try your BBQ sauce and really am excited your are going to be posting some healthy recipes. There are so many recipes on here I can't wait to try.

I also want to loose weight more than 20 pounds and may have to go for this goal with you. I know I would feel so good if I lost 20 punds especially by the beginning of summer.

Good luck on your diet.

scrapper100 on 2Peas