Wednesday, May 21, 2008

.avocado and watercress salad.

I'm always looking for new recipes. This is one I came across a few weeks ago and bookmarked it for future use. I always seem to go for the same type of garden salad and you know... it gets boring!

There isn't a lot to this salad. It's very elegant and the dressing is super delicious.

In a bowl put 1/4 cup rice wine vinegar.
I really wouldn't substitute this with any other kind of vinegar as they each have their own distinct flavor. However, if you have a raspberry vinegar, that would probably be a very wonderful compliment.

Peel one vidalia onion and use the large grate to grate 1 Tbsp of this. I accidently grated 1/4 cup which was fine for me because I love onion. If you like onion, add more. Don't omit this entirely. If you hate onion, just trust me that 1 Tbsp would not be overwhelming and it's a sweet onion so it won't be hot.

Now you want to use the fine grate side of your cheese grater. Grate one gala apple. You need 1/4 cup of this. As you can see i didn't even bother peeling the apple. So easy!
The apple gives this dressing a slight sweetness that can't be replaced.

Add 1 tsp sugar.

And then add 4 tsp soy sauce.
I didn't get a picture of this step but add 2 Tbsp oil. Mix the dressing up well. Season with salt and pepper.

Take your watercress and clean well. I have a salad spinner so I was able to do this rather quick. If you don't have one, place on a clean towel and press the water off. You don't want wet, soggy lettuce.
Go ahead and arrange a large handful of this on your plate.

Cut one avocado in half and use a large spoon to carefully scoop the flesh out. Repeat on the other half.

Cut into a dice. Sprinkle some pieces on top of the watercress on the plate.

Make a couple thin slices of red onion. Cut into quarters and separate the rings. Spread some of the onion on top of the salad.
Spoon some dressing on top and around the plate.
We had this with steak and the balance between the two was really nice (not eaten together though). Hopefully those of you with manly men will give this recipe a chance. You might just win him over to the inner foodie in him. :)

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