Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I need till the end of the week to do the food challenge. I'm having an Amazing Race party on Saturday and I am just SWAMPED getting everything organized. I hope you forgive me!!!! Keep working on your creations! You have more time now. :D :D :D

Don't forget to email your meals with any pictures to and I will post them for you. Thanks!



heidigoseek said...

OK, Suzanne,
We'll forgive you :) You just have to promise to post some pics of your Amazing Race party. I just know it will be tons of fun!
We are having a b-day party for Jenn Friday night!!

Darleen said...

you'll have to give the 411 on the Amazing Race party. I wanted to bad to that for David, but we ended up doing something else. Have fun!!