Tuesday, June 17, 2008

.strawberry salad.

Do you ever feel like you make the same types of dishes over and over? I always feel like when I make salads to go with a meal, it's the same ol' lettuce, red onion, red bell pepper, cucumber, tomato, and croutons.

This recipe is one my sister, Ronda makes. Whenever we have family get togethers she always has these delicious salads to share. LOVE THEM!

I used items I had on hand here at the house. She mixes them up. She knew I would mix it up the way I wanted. You can mix up the way you want to. That's what I love about it. There are no rules! Sorry for all you rule breakers out there. ;)

I love these fresh salad packs you can get. This is the spring mix. It has endive, radicchio, and other baby lettuces. It's visually prettier than your basic run-of-the-mill iceberg or romaine.

Put some in a large bowl.

Grate a carrot. Put that in the bowl.

Unless I say otherwise, dump it in the bowl. :)

Slice up a little red onion.

If you don't like onion, leave it out. You can use green onion too if you want a more mild flavor.

Slice up some mushrooms.

Slice up some fresh strawberries. My sister will sometimes add blueberries, or fresh pineapple to this salad. I bet this would be tasty with some mango too.

Cut up a few strips of bacon and fry.

Once fried, let drain on paper towels. Once cooled, add to the salad bowl.

I love that these almonds come pre-toasted. This brand from Sunkist is original oven roasted. They have honey roasted too! That would be yummy but I'm trying to watch my sugars. Add a handful or two of these to the bowl.

I thought about what kind of cheese to use. My first instinct was to use feta, which would be fabulous in the salad, but I didn't have any here at the house. I did have monterey jack or this goat cheese. I opted for the goat cheese. Yummy. Toss a little cheese into the salad.

Here's my salad with everything in it. Toss with some salad tongs to mix everything up. If you want to add tomato, go right on and do it. I have a problem with tomato slime getting all over my salad so I leave them out of the bowl.

This is the dressing I used. My sister gave me the recipe she uses, which I will share at a later time. It rocks the house.

This was a very nice, light substitute. You can either add the dressing on your own salad, or pre-toss/coat the salad before you eat.

Plate up and enjoy! A wonderful springy/summery type salad that everyone is sure to enjoy!

Printable version:


Mere said...

That looks TERRIFIC! Thanks for sharing!

heidigoseek said...

I make a salad very similar to this one and that Raspberry Walnut dressing is the exact one I use! See, great cooks think alike:)

Ronda said...

It all looks good EXCEPT for the GOAT CHEESE!!! YUCK!!! How could you ruin my salad! Sorry Suz, but I really can't stand it. I use a mozzerella or cheddar but usually I don't even put the cheese or bacon in it. Just the lettuce and the fruit and nuts and my homeade dressing. But like you said, You can mix it up the way YOU like it!
You are such the amazing cook! I just love your BLOG. I have it posted on my blog now so that my friends can come see yours.

Darleen said...

Suzanne, this looks great...very summery and light. Did you know that the last few times I went to Wally World, they haven't had red onions. I love red onions. I guess I'll head over to the commissary. Thanks for sharing.