Tuesday, August 5, 2008

House for Sale!

The house goes on the market this weekend! ACK!!!
I have been working my behind off getting it ready to go. The only real thing left to do is clear out the dining area and get the yard and patio squared away.

Lots of prayers that it sells quickly for us. Here's a little slideshow of our place. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Nice!! It looks ready to go. It seems you did a great job getting it ready.

Your favorite sister said...

Looks great. What a nice home you have.

I have a question & suggestion for you. Not about homes or anything.:) Today I attempted to make guacamole. I think I had one over ripe avocado and one not ripe enough. How do you tell if they are fresh or not? The suggestion is you should do like some sort of Basics 101 for those of us who are not...uhm...as talented in the kitchen. It took me forever just to get the seed out of the avocado. Just something to think about.

sorry to leave this as a comment but I don't have your email so...:)

squillen said...

Marie, when avocados are slightly soft they're ripe! You don't want them hard and if they're *too* squishy, you don't want to use it. Blech.

If you can only find hard avocados, sit them on your window sill where you get a lot of sun. That will help ripen them up quickly. They will hold well in the fridge too, so once they're ripe, put them in and they'll be good for a few more days until you use them.

As for getting the seed out, take the butcher's knife and hit the blade on the seed. It'll stick in there.. just twist and pull it out! I'll get some pictures of this technique when I make our grilled chicken tostados in a couple of days.

I like the idea of Basics 101..

Stephanie said...

Great job Suzanne. So tastefully decorated, who WOULDN'T want to buy it! Best of luck on getting a good profit out of it! I am sure you will. It is very cozy and inviting.

Anonymous said...

NICE! Your place looks so gorgeous and I love (LOVE) your chosen colors. You little girl's room and baby's room are precious. So, where are you moving to next? Thanks for sharing! Mommadog

Shirley said...

good luck with the house!

heidigoseek said...

Good luck Suzanne!
We're next:) Our next door neighbors got full asking price after only two weeks, so we are hopeful. I hope you can sell soon.

Little Hensley Fam said...

good luck selling your home.... It's such a pain so i hope all goes well for you!