Thursday, October 16, 2008

.beef minestrone soup.

This is the best soup you will ever make. It's rich, full of vitamins, full of vegetables, some meat, protein, iron and it's delicious!

Yesterday I was on the phone with a sister from Church who is very sick. She does so much for everyone, that I thought I would do something for her. So I told her to just relax and I was bringing a big pot of soup over for her and her husband.

My mom is a really good soup maker. I have actually gotten better at making soup the past 5 years or so. This one is my daughter's favorite because she plays a game -- figuring out what I put in the pot. So much fun. If you have kids that might shy away from soup, try this one and let them have a contest to find the most items in the pot!

First, chop up 2 stalks of celery. I left them in nice slices so visually they look good.

Find two skinny carrots.

Peel and chop. Again, I leave them in their round shape -- that's why I pick skinny carrots so they're bite sized.

Peel one big, or two small gold or white potatoes.

Dice into bite sized chunks.

Dice one small onion. I had some red onion that needed using so I used that. It's okay to use white, yellow, or red!

Mince two cloves garlic.

Take 1 lb stew meat or stir fry meat.

The stir fry meat, that I used, was cut into long thin strips. I cut those strips into smaller pieces.

In a soup pot, heat a little olive oil. Put the meat in with one bay leaf and cook.

When it's almost cooked, add all of the vegetables and garlic to the pot. Stir around and cook.

Season well. I used a brand from the Spice Depot. This blend is great on salad, but I used it in my soup because it had all of the herbs I wanted.

In my next entry, I want to share a little bit about this company and their products. Some great stuff. I think you'll be interested in hearing more about them.

When the potatoes start looking glossy, add 3 cans beef broth and 1 can chicken broth.

I always add a can of chicken to my beefy soups because beef broth can often taste very flat.

Then add 1 can diced tomatoes (undrained), and 1 can white beans - either great northern or navy. Do not drain these either. Just dump it all in.

Mix well and re-season with the spice depot spice grinder.

Bring to a boil.

Once the soup starts boiling, reduce heat to low and add 1/2 cup frozen or fresh peas.

Add 1/2 cup corn, fresh or frozen.

And add 1/2 cup green beans cut, fresh or frozen.

**At this stage, I did add about 1 tsp sugar to the pot. This is optional.

Cover the pot and let cook for about 30-40 minutes. Before serving, remove the bay leaf. Serve with rolls, bread, crackers, and salad.

NOTE: If you want to make this in the crockpot, first cook the meat almost to completion on the stove. Spoon into your crockpot and add all of the remaining ingredients. Season well. Cover with the lid and turn on medium or high. Cook until vegetables are cooked through - about 6-8 hours.

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heidigoseek said...

i'm gonna have to google "spice depot" to see what its all about.

SplendidlyImperfect said...

This looks really good! I've been really into trying new soup recipes lately.

Brandi said...

I love soup and I really like minestone. This soup just looks delicous and will be great to use during the winter months.