Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Hello readers and Happy Valentine's Day.  Are you all prepared to start cooking?  For easy access to all of the recipes for tonight's menu, here are all of the links to the courses.  Each entry has a printable version so you can keep it right next to you.

Course 1

Course 2

Course 3

Course 4

To stay true to this beautiful meal, your table should be set accordingly.  Below is a diagram of how to set a proper (informal) place setting.  I used two goblets on our table; one for water, and another for sparkling cider.  If you're having wine, you'll definitely want a separate goblet for that. ;)

Enjoy your evening and again, I hope you let me know how everything turns out!  


Shirley said...

fancy shmancy, Suz!

Happy Valentine's Day!

heidigoseek said...

thanks, suzanne:) i'm doing my own menu, being veg and all. i love what you've done. it really inspires us to be better in the kitchen. happy valentine's day, dear. check your french silk post. i have a question there.
love you:)

Anonymous said...

It was excellent. I didn't do the crab cakes because there was already too much food and I did strawberry shortcake for dessert instead, but the filet, salad and mashed potatoes were delicious! The kids ate heart shaped pizza.

Unknown said...

We made a turkey! I raised my wine glass, looked lovingly at my dh and said "Happy Thanksgiving." Then burst out laughing. Hope you had a great day! congrats on being featured over at 2ps

Anonymous said...


We had crab cakes, salad (I made a similar version to yours - used balsamic vinegar and substituted pecans for the walnuts), filet with the mideira sauce, mashed potatoes (made my own version of these) and french silk pie (I made your filling but cheated and bought the pillsbury crust).

OMG. It was fabulous. Thank you so much for posting the menu. I have never cooked filet before and it was fabulous. I had to go to four stores to find the midiera wine but it was worth it (and it was only $4 a bottle!).

My kids ate it too (minus the crab cakes).

Thanks again! Hope you had a great Valentine's Day.

Beci said...

Just did mine on friday we were gone for Vday it was great the food was really good and I had a great time doing all of it.