Thursday, April 10, 2008

.cookie care.

When I get cookie orders for birthdays or thank yous or just for surprising someone, it's been a challenge finding the best way to ship these delicious little morsels. The cost of buying special "trays" is exhorbant! So I found my own way of keeping your cookies safe and sound as they make their way from my place to yours.

Once the cookies are ready for packing, they're put in poly bags and sealed to keep them fresh.

After sealing the bags, They are tacked to sheets of cardstock.

The cookies then go into a cake box and using bubble wrap (you should see the huge rolls of bubble wrap I have.). Cookies, bubble wrap, cookies, bubble wrap.

I layer until the box is full. This box has 2 dozen cookies. If I were shipping only 1 dozen, I add a layer of scrunched up tissue paper between each sheet of cookies to keep everything from shifting during shipment.
The box then gets a label and is tied off with raffia ribbon.

The cake box goes into a 12x12 box that's lined with even more bubble wrap. We're serious about keeping these safe!

Each box is then addressed and covered with "Handle with Care" stickers.

Using this form of packing has proven to be the best way of shipping sugar cookies. Should you ever want to order cookies for your loved one, feel free to contact me. It would be my pleasure to send some out for you.


Anonymous said...

S. You are amazing! I don't know how you find time to do all that you do! Love how you ship the cookies, your dds are adorable and your recipes are the best. I just logged on to check the ingredients for the chicken and flank steak and saw your cookies. They look delicious. Thanks for sharing all your great recipes with us - now could you pass on some of that energy too??


Vansmom said...

Ooh, are those the ones for me?

Anonymous said...

What kinds of cookies do you make?

Anonymous said...

How can we order these cookies and what are your prices?

squillen said...

I can make pretty much any kind of cookie you want. Email me for prices at