Friday, April 25, 2008

.holy moly.

I feel like I never closed the bakery. I have been SO BUSY with orders and making cakes for a cake auction that happened tonight to raise money for the girls at church to go to camp this summer.

I made two of these babies.

Death.... by chocolate. I will put the recipe up sometime next week. It's extremely labor intensive, but I know a couple people that want to know how to make it and I promised to put it on here.
Sorry for the crappy picture. I was in a hurry to get to the church! Have a great weekend everyone! :D


Joanne Brown said...

How funny - we have our ward's annual cake auction on Tuesday evening to raise funds for YW and YM camp (it used to be just for the YW but the YM wanted in when they saw how much money was raised!). Your cake looks AMAZING!! You'll have to tell us how much it goes for. I'll be making something much simpler :) I'm making the oreo truffles that Bakerella had on her blog. I made them for a baby shower last week and they were to die for!! Looking forward to seeing the recipe for your amazing cake!!

Carrie Maseda said...

Yes, I sooooooooooo want the recipe! It looked delicious; too bad there was no way we could have won it. I knew we should have brought more money with us! It was great getting to see you again!

Peg Graham said...

Suzanne- If I lived by you, I'd be at church fr that auction and big HIGH for that amazing looking cake!

You, my friend, are the Baker Extroidinnaire!


Peg Graham said...

sorry about my knew what I meant...I'd BID high, right?