Friday, April 25, 2008

.troll alert.

A troll has come to visit the blog. As you can see from the ratings on this front page, she (or he) has had some fun with the ratings. If it continues to be a problem (we know how fun shiny little toys are for trolls) I will have to take the ratings away.

It's nice some people get off on being so mean to others. (sarcastic smirk)


Darleen said...

Suzanne, people just suck. This is one of the best blogs ever! I have referred it to a lot of people and they love it. So, whoever is doing that is just bitter because they are the Hamburger Helper Queens and can't do anything else!

Anonymous said...

After reading this I tried the rating and I think I gave one of your posts a 2 - didn't mean to I wanted to see what they were. Is there more to it than just the stars?

Love your site and your recipes so I hope no one starts leaving nasty comments or anything.

Darla said...

I have one if I'd let their profanity filled comments mess up my pretty blog. NO THANK YOU.

And to call me nasty names on my OWN BLOG. Pffft! (and all I talk about is shower curtains and pillows LOL)

I'm glad to see you take a stand. I may link back to this post if it keeps up and you don't mind - just to show that I'm in good company.