Monday, May 5, 2008

We have a winner!

Paige is at school so I had to find somewhere else to draw the number. I took this clue from the Pioneer Woman and tried this site. Ugh.. I'm such a copy cat. :P

If you can't read that... the number is 7! So commentor #7 is the one giving the winning ingredients, which are: Salmon, Asparagus, and fresh Mozzarella Cheese. I have something in mind. I'll have my recipe posted on WEDNESDAY so be sure to check back!!!!
I would like to challenge you all now to create something using these three ingredients. Take a picture of your creation and email it to me. On FRIDAY I will post the recipes and pictures and I will let you guys vote a winner.
It's always fun expanding our culinary horizons. I can't wait to see what you've come up with! Bon Appetit!


Anonymous said...

I was too kitchen retarded to even come up with three interesting ingredients, but I'm anxious to see what you come up with! Lori

heidigoseek said...

What are the rules? How many other ingredients do we get to work with?
This will be fun!!

squillen said...

You can use as many other ingredients as you want. You just have to make sure you use the three key items in whatever you make. Other than that, there are no rules. Have fun!

Hope that helps!