Saturday, November 1, 2008

Heading out of town

I will be in New York the next week. My husband has OFFICIALLY retired from the Navy after serving 20 years. WOO HOO! He starts his new job on November 10th so we're heading north to check out the area and find a place to live. I have some great fall recipes scheduled to post while I'm gone so don't let my absence keep you away!

I will be doing a small segment on hotel cooking (we're staying in a place that has a little kitchen) and will have those recipes and such when I return back to Georgia. It's going to be just me and my girls (we're leaving Jim up in New York) and I will be making some really awesome modified recipes for small households. I will be posting recipes for the full size and small size portions.

So that's what I have to update you with. I will still have access to email and all that good stuff so if you do need to contact me, shoot me a note. I love hearing from you!


Elizabeth said...

New York huh? How cool. Maybe one day we'll get there and we can do lunch??? LOL We might be coming home at Christmas time. It will be sad not to see you!!!

Karalynn Tyler said...

Congratulations on Jim's retirement. You'll have to fill us in on where in New York you'll be! I have family there and it would be cool to come out to see you the next time we visit!

Shiona said...

I thought I would wish you luck. We just got snow up here last week. I hope your first impression of NY won't be of snow!

Shiona (Daikon 2peas)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your "hotel cooking" segment. My husband and I are repatriating to the US next week and will spend up to 60 days in a hotel room with a small kitchenette. Eating out sounds really good, but it gets old fast! Good luck on the retirement.

DebW said...

New York? No way! Email me and tell me where you're looking to buy-I've lived here all my life!!

Chris Dodaj said...

Congratulations on Jim's retirement!!
Good luck in NY and have fun!!